New Silicon Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks (1 Pair)

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Check out our “New Silicon Moisturizing Gel Heel Socks” is for reducing the calluses, rubbing and friction of the heel. Prevent dry skin, soften calluses, protect skin against peeling and cracking, relieve heel pain, reduce heel pressure, with pressure damping effect.


  • These gel protectors are also ideal for high heel shoes and normal shoes or any protection against pressure to the feet. 
  • These soft silicone gel heels protectors are perfect for protecting your heel. 
  •  They are also ideal for shock absorbent and protects against wear spots and bottoming out, reduces heel pain and callus.
  • These clever heel protectors provide a layer of soft, cushioning gel, which shield your heels from irritation. 
  • These gel socks are one of many ways to help prevent dry skin and protect the skin against peeling. 
  • Perfect for enhancing the effects of foot cream and balm Hand-Washable and reusable Protectors. 
  • Protect your heel and relieve your fatigue to make you feel easy every day.
  •  Care for your heel, bring your heel a comfortable feeling.
  • Suitable for the one who is upset with the rubbing of the shoe heel.

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